Xenoma’s smart solutions

  • Beyond wearable

    Collecting accurate key data by using full-time whole-body sensing.

  • Daily use

    Offering the comfort of everyday life by combining regular clothes with IoT.

  • Data-driven service

    Combining healthcare big data and data from the e-skin for optimized solutions.

Our technology: e-skin

  • Comfortable

    So comfortable, you want to wear it anytime and anywhere.

  • Durable

    More than 10,000 stretches at a 50% strain rate.

  • Washable

    More than 100 wash cycles based on ISO 6330 3N-A standards.


e-skin Sleep & Lounge


e-skin Sleep & Lounge is smart apparel for the wellbeing and health monitoring of elderly people. CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree.

e-skin EMStyle


The cableless e-skin EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) suit reduces a full workout to just 20 minutes of exercise. It is comfortable, fashionable and effective. Exercise when and however you want.

e-skin MEVA in cooperation with sci-Track


Complete the measuring preparations by yourself in less than 1 minute. High quality tracking of unhindered, natural body movements without the use of cameras or markers. Also applicable for biomechanics research.

e-skin Coo

Share the happy times and enjoy the flow of communication around your little bundle of joy.

e-skin IMU shirt

Camera-free 3D motion capture for the upper body.

e-skin Arm Sleeve


Analyzing and improving key arm movements.

e-skin ECG shirt

Easy to wear and as comfortable as a regular shirt. Tracks your cardiovascular health under everyday life conditions.

e-skin DK

Xenoma’s first product on the market. Tracks user’s motion using 14-strain sensors. With this SDK, develop your own applications.


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  • 13/October/2020 Press release

    Xenoma Makes Cough Generating Machine to Measure Droplets - Experiment Started on the Spread of Droplets while Wearing a Mask -

  • 11/September/2020 Press release

    Smart Apparel Startup Xenoma Raised Funds from a Pharmaceutical Company and a CRO Company

  • 20/July/2020 Press release

    Donation of IoT Air Conditioning Mats to Prevent Heat Stroke in the Elderly

  • 15/July/2020 Press release

    Donation of Protective Clothing to Elderly Care Homes - In Support of Countermeasures against the Re-expansion of COVID-19


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Our vision

e-skin makes everyone’s life e-skin makes everyone’s life HAPPIER and HEALTHIER.

About Xenoma

Xenoma develops the next-generation smart apparel ‘e-skin’ to provide well-being and happiness in your daily life. The company name is named after the prefix which means foreign or strange “xeno” combined with “ma” which are common letters to man and machine. Founded in November 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Tokyo.

Meet the team

  • Ichiro Amimori

  • Masao Nakajima

    CPO(Chief Product Officer)
  • Osamu Sawanobori

    CDO(Chief Development Officer)
  • Yuka Tomitori



Who are the employees that turn this unique core technology into a globally successful business? They are globally minded and diverse, proactive and independent, highly communicative and eager to broaden their own scope of expertise.